Conversature Examines Your Sales Calls To Find What Works And What Doesn’t

It’s like X-ray vision into the sales division’s actual phone conversations.

After losing his job during the great recession, Chris Orlob’s dad got a job as an inside sales rep. This job entailed selling over the phone. The first three months, he made no money. The following year he made $104,000. Orlob credits this dramatic increase to a single practice: every day Orlob’s father and his father’s manager would review call recordings to determine how to improve. “I’ve seen what it can do to transform sales,” Orlob says.

That testimony of the power of call reviews led Orlob to create Conversature. “Conversature is a conversation insights technology platform for sales teams,” Orlob explains. “It’s like X-ray vision into the sales division’s actual phone conversations.”

Conversature transcribes calls from speech to text and helps managers identify which sales behaviors are leading to revenue and closing. “Conversature is about bringing data science to figuring out what actually does work on a sales call,” Orlob says. “Conversature takes the guesswork out of closing deals.” It does this by analyzing call data. For instance, turns out calls are more successful if a sales rep asks, “Did I catch you at a decent time?” instead of “Did I catch you at a good time?” Who knew?

Orlob and his cofounder Britton Broderick began working full time on Conversature around thirteen months ago. Conversature is currently in Beta period and plans to go public in 2017. Current beta clients report improvement in closing rates, reduced onboarding time, and all around higher levels of sales rep performance.

Conversature is filling the black box that is currently sales conversation insight. “Our main goal is to design a new category from the ground up,” Orlob says. “We want to make something that’s different entirely and creates an industry itself.” Orlob and Broderick also want to ring the gong on Wall Street in 10 years when Conversature IPOs. We’ll do a followup story when that happens.

Impartner Recognized For Partner Relationship Management Solution

We have an approach that’s more predictable and repeatable that anyone else in this space.

At the 10th annual Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service, Impartner, a Utah-based PRM solution, won a Silver Stevie Award in the new Best Relationship Management Solution category. “We love the fact that we’re getting recognized for having pioneered this process of onboarding the customer,” says Impartner Chief Marketing Officer Dave Taylor.“We have an approach that’s more predictable and repeatable that anyone else in this space.”

The Stevie Awards recognized Impartner for its Impartner PRM product and Velocity onboarding process that enables companies to establish a Partner Portal and sell through indirect channels. “We build the tools that allow [companies] to manage a relationship with that partner,” Taylor explains. As companies try to scale and grow they often need to turn to indirect channels, a fact more companies are realizing as they try to hire the increasingly scarce and expensive senior sales associates. Over the last few years, companies have stopped asking why they would need a PRM solution. They just know that they need one in order to manage their indirect channels. “It’s kind of interesting how people manage direct sales teams. They build methodology for sales teams, assign quotas, meet weekly, and create tools,” Taylor says. “Why would you expect to manage indirect channels with any less scrutiny?”

Impartner was once known as Treehouse Interactive, but recently went through a rebranding after a group of investors purchased the company one year ago. Since then Impartner has tripled in size and is on track to double this year. “There was a huge opportunity in this market,” Taylor says. “We were the first company to jump on it and start aggressively marketing.”

In addition to their successful marketing efforts, Taylor attributes their tremendous growth to the ease with which companies are able to adopt the Impartner solution. “We provide functionality right out of the box,” he says. “Companies can be up and running in as few as 30 days.” Where once Impartner offered over fifty different module options, they learned that customers actually prefer to be told what they will need in their channel program. So now Impartner sets up portals using best practices learned from experience. “Instead of becoming a technology provider, we become a trusted advisor,” Taylor says.

Companies can then use the solution to automate marketing. “What we’ve learned is when a company goes to market, they love to have their marketing voice amplified through channel partners,” Taylor says. Sometimes, however, channel partners mess up the marketing message. With Impartner, companies can simply tap partners into a marketing platform and ensure that their message remains consistent.

Taylor looks forward to referring to the Impartner solution as an award winning process as the company continues to help more companies scale their growth and manage indirect channels in the simplest and most effective way possible.

Published 4/6/2016