For The First Time Ever, Provo City Set To Celebrate International Women’s Day

This is the method to inspire [women] to do the things that they want to do and do those things in Provo. We just want women to feel like here in Provo they can realize their dreams.

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. Oh, you didn’t know? Well then I guess you’re sexist. Don’t worry, I am too. I had no idea March 8 was a day meant to celebrate my people until just recently. And that’s kind of the problem, isn’t it? We females aren’t always aware of the opportunities available to us. It’s a problem the good people of Provo recognize. “One of the discrepancies we see here in Provo is that we have a lot of really amazing, intelligent women here in Provo, but we don’t have a lot of women leaders,” says Provo Community Outreach Coordinator Courtney Kendrick. Luckily for Provo-ans this discrepancy is something city leaders are working to change. “One of the initiatives that the mayor has for 2016 is to increase leadership roles for all women at every level of the community,” explains Kendrick.

Part of that initiative includes a day (tomorrow) full of women-centric activities around Provo. The festivities start with a 9:00 am breakfast featuring Mayor John Curtis and his wife Sue who will discuss parenting, relationships and community. Then, from 10am to 4pm, the city will host a series of lectures from women leaders in the community, featuring everyone from Susan Peterson, the entrepreneur behind Freshly Picked, to coding wizard(ess) Sariah Masterson. While tickets to the lecture series are sold out, the lectures will be broadcast on channel 17 throughout the day. “The women we have in our lecture series will be women that can help other women maintain and keep their progress in Provo,” Kendrick says, explaining that networking opportunities are something she hopes to see come from the Women’s Day celebration. “We have a community full of women who want to learn and network and have leadership opportunities,” she says.

Later, at 6pm, all Provo citizens are invited to join in a bike ride from the corner of University Avenue and Center Street to Writ and Vision for a 7pm art discussion featuring a panel of women who have influenced changes in local art, music and business. Meanwhile, Velour will host a Women in Provo Music Event with violinist/vocalist Alyssa Pyper and The Provo Film Society is screening Suffragette, an event that has already sold out. Finally, to end the night right, The Alison Show is throwing a Gem Jam dance party exclusively for humans of the female persuasion. Tickets to the Gem Jam sold out in twenty minutes.

If you’re bummed that so many of these events are sold out, don’t fret. Provo plans to do this again next year. If the response so far has been any indication, this is a celebration for which the people of Provo have been waiting. “People have really jumped on board,” Kendrick says. “The entire Provo community has really embraced this…“I just feel like our community is thirsty for things like this. We put it out there and it’s just consumed,” Kendrick says. Speaking of consumed, don’t miss out on the edible promotions from local eateries including a limited edition Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Turtle Kloche at Hruska’s Kolaches, a limited edition White Chocolate Coconut and Cashew ice cream at Rockwell Ice Cream Co., a limited edition Cookie Butter Cheesecake at The Mighty Baker, 15% off at Sodalicious, and free fountain drinks to anyone wearing an International Women’s Day sticker at Sensuous Sandwich, Gloria’s Little Italy, and El Gallo Giro, all in honor of International Women’s Day.

“This is the method to inspire [women] to do the things that they want to do and do those things in Provo,” Kendrick says. “We just want women to feel like here in Provo they can realize their dreams.” As for this woman, my dream is to mark my calendar and get tickets for next year’s events.

Published 3/7/2016

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